Vet Tribe – Connecting Veterans to their Communities

Welcome to Vet Tribe – Where our ability to Thrive comes from our Tribe!

Created by Veterans who noticed a great need to empower local Veterans and their families to build strong personal and professional relationships throughout every industry in and around Western Washington.

Who makes up Vet Tribe

Vet Tribe is a network of veterans, military, spouses / significant others, mentors, and community members. We share like values and the desire to support veterans, transitioning service members, and military families in Kitsap County.

What does Vet Tribe do?

Through social and professional events and networking around the greater Kitsap communities, we hope to provide a stronger connection between Veterans and the local industry.

What can Vet Tribe do for you?

  • Networking
  • Tips and Tricks with Resume writing
  • Help with Interview techniques
  • Receive guidance from Recruiters and Hiring Managers
  • Talk to other Veterans who have recently transitioned
  • Tips for dealing with the VA / Disability claims
  • Connect with local small businesses

If you have questions or want to connect,




Upcoming Vet Tribe events:

  • Tuesday, May 24th from 5 to 8PM @ Slippery Pig Brewery
    • 18801 Front St NE Poulsbo, WA

May 2022 Veteran & Military Spouse Networking Social

Thinking about transitioning out of the military and find yourself unsure where to start?
Are you a military spouse who is looking for employment?
How about an adult aged military child looking for an entry level position to finally get out of mom and dad’s place?
Vet Tribe is here to connect you with the information so you can find your path. Vet Tribe brings together veterans, military members, military spouses, employers, and other members of the community for the greater cause of assisting with the transition process, finding colleges, connecting with local employers, and networking with great people.
No need to dress up as its a casual setting and atmosphere for you and your significant others to come down and learn more about all the information out there awaiting you.
Meet new people in your community. Get your transition questions answered. Meet with local and national employers. Learn about resources in your community. Just come and relax and enjoy socializing!

Networking Event with Axe and Arrow Gastropub
Networking Event with Crane’s Castle Brewery
Networking Event with Slaughter County Brewing

Vet Tribe webpage is up and running!

As you all can see, we are launching a Vet Tribe webpage to make things a little easier for us to coordinate and work together to achieve our goals! We hope that we can continue to improve these pages as we grow. If you have input or ideas on how we can make this pageā€¦

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2 thoughts on “Vet Tribe – Connecting Veterans to their Communities

  1. Hello brothers and sisters, It’s time to update your website! It lists events for July, August, and Dec 2021. I want to link a friend to the group. but I hesitate to do so if it’s not up-to-date.


  2. Hi Evan,
    This is Allen Garber (Retired MAC) I was referred to this organization by another Chief. I have an online business opportunity for anyone interested in becoming an Independent business owner. I currently work at PSNS as the EM Coordinator. Call or text me and leave a message. I can’t have my personal phone in the yard.


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